Advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic structure technology

June 6, 2024
  • Advantages of hydraulic technology

High efficiency: Hydraulic systems can convert motive power into greater power output because the liquid can pass through smaller pipes and valves, minimizing energy loss and achieving higher efficiency.

Precision: Hydraulic systems can control the position and speed of the piston in a very precise way.

Stability: The hydraulic system has a short response time to pressure and flow, a very fast response speed, stable operation, and is not prone to vibration and shock.

Reliability: Hydraulic systems have high reliability and can work in high temperature, high pressure, and harsh environments.

  • Disadvantages of hydraulic technology

High noise: Hydraulic systems generate more noise than other systems, which may affect the operator's comfort.

Easy to leak: Leakage problems will occur in hydraulic systems. Since various seals are required in hydraulic systems, these seals often wear and age, resulting in liquid leakage.

High maintenance cost: There are many parts in the hydraulic system that need to be replaced and maintained frequently, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.

In the application of hydraulic technology, the appropriate power transmission method should be selected according to the specific work task. For example, if high-speed and high-frequency work is required, the electric transmission method may be more suitable. For high-torque application scenarios that need to maintain stability, the hydraulic transmission method may be more reasonable.

When using the hydraulic system, in order to fully utilize its advantages, leakage should be strictly controlled, and components should be repaired and replaced regularly to ensure its normal operation.

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