Introduction Of Automatic Coil Cart RGV

August 9, 2023

The Automatic Coil Cart RGV is an electric transport vehicle that can drive itself on a track. The movement of the rail car is precisely controlled by the control system to realize automatic transportation and fixed-point docking. Automatic rail guided cart are usually equipped with sensors or navigation systems that can sense changes in the surrounding environment and respond accordingly to ensure the safety and stability of the transportation process.


The automatic rail guided cart RGV is equipped with V-shaped brackets on the table to effectively support the coil, prevent the coil from sliding during transportation, and can be adjusted and fixed according to the specific coil size.


In the transportation process of automated rail car, fixed-point docking is a very critical step. Accurate docking, ensure the roll material loading and unloading smoothly, improve production efficiency. Automatic rail guided cart usually use laser or infrared positioning technology to achieve accurate fixed-point docking. Once the automatic rail guided cart reaches the specified position, the positioning system will identify and judge according to the preset coordinates to ensure the accuracy of the rail car docking.


Automatic Coil Cart RGVV-deck frame automatic coil cart 16 tons capacity