Reference standard for the design of electric transfer cart

January 25, 2024

The scientific design of electric transfer cart needs to be carried out according to the actual use. Here are some of the main design reference standards.


  • Transportation capacity: According to the actual needs, the design of different specifications, loads of electric flat carts to meet different transportation needs.
  • Road space utilization: While ensuring the transportation capacity, the size and structure of the electric flat cart are scientifically designed to make full use of the road space.
  • Improve the transportation process: Through scientific design, improve the time and efficiency of the transportation process, including loading, transportation, storage, warehousing and handling of various loads.
  • Engineering requirements: According to different engineering requirements, develop unique electric flat cart system solutions.
  • Safety factor: In the design process, the safety factor needs to be considered. For example, the design of stable driving speed, avoid overload protection devices, etc.
  • Maintenance: The design of easy maintenance of electric flat cart, to ensure rapid maintenance in case of failure, improve the efficiency of use.


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