Working principle of lifting platform

March 5, 2024

The working principle of the lifting platform is to realize the lifting and lowering of goods or personnel through electric or hydraulic drive.


1. Driving device: Lifting platforms are usually equipped with motors or hydraulic systems as driving devices. The electric drive device rotates through electric transmission, while the hydraulic drive device uses pressure to transmit liquid to achieve power.


2. Lifting device: The driving device transmits power to the lifting mechanism through gears, chains or screws. With these lifting devices, the platform can move vertically up and down.


3. Control system: Lifting platforms are usually equipped with a control system to control the rise and fall of the platform. The control system can control the operation of the lifting platform through devices such as buttons, switches or remote controls.


4. Safety devices: Some safety devices will also be installed on the lifting platform, such as limit switches, closed fences, etc. The limit switch is used to detect the rising and falling positions of the platform. Once it reaches the set position, it will automatically stop running. Fences can prevent people or goods from sliding off the platform.


5. Usage scenarios: Lifting platforms are widely used in warehousing, logistics, factories, parking lots and other places.

Generally speaking, the lifting platform is driven by the driving device to transmit power to the lifting device to realize the vertical up and down movement of the platform. Control systems and safety devices ensure the safe operation of the lifting platform.


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