1500 KG Automatic Guided vehicle AGV

August 12, 2023

Customer information:
Our client, an American mechanical assembly plant, was faced with the challenge of moving parts between the assembly area, the semi-finished product area, and the temporary storage area. Due to high labor costs and management issues, they decided to design this turnover process as an automated process.

The Solution:
To solve this problem, we recommend our 1.5 ton Automatic Guided vehicle AGV. This automated navigation vehicle can automatically transport work pieces and improve material turnover efficiency. Equipped with advanced navigation algorithms and sensors, AGV is able to accurately identify and avoid obstacles to ensure safe transportation. By introducing the mecanum wheel AGV into the turnover process between the assembly area, the semi-finished product area and the temporary storage area, we can achieve efficient and automated material transportation.


Why Choose us:
Our company has rich experience and many successful cases in the field of heavy mecanum round AGV. Our technology is mature and our quality is reliable. Among many domestic manufacturers, our company has been approved by this American assembly manufacturer. The performance indicators of our products have all met the design requirements and passed the acceptance of domestic agents. Meanwhile, the foreign customers have completed the final payment and arranged the delivery.


The implementation process:
In the implementation process, we worked closely with customers to understand their needs and customized the design according to the actual situation. Our technical team conducted online training to ensure that customers are proficient in operating and managing this AGV. We also provide timely pre-sale and after-sales service to answer customers' questions in the process of use.


By introducing a 1.5 ton mecanum wheel AGV, the customer achieved improved material turnover efficiency, labor cost savings, and reduced operating costs. Automated material transportation processes greatly improve work efficiency, reducing human error and delays. Customers are very satisfied with the solutions we introduced.


Real customer reviews:
"Thank you for supplying our last transfer cart. It gets used everyday without issue."


1500 KG Electric Automatic Trackless Transfer AGV Robot1500 KG Electric Automatic Trackless Transfer AGV Robot


Product Parameter:
- Quantity: 1
- Capacity: 1.5 ton
- Overall size 96”x48”x20” (2438mm x 1219mm x 508”)
- Power Supply 200AH Battery
- Fraser wood Industries to supply battery charger
- 4x M35–1800 (14”) Mecanum Wheels
- Lifting Capacity (500mm)
- Wireless remote
- Working Environment : Cement floor
- Working distance: varies (30m)
- Working frequency in per day: 5 times
- Moving speed 40m/min
- Application of the cart : Moving packs of wood or small machinery
- What weight and dimension of the material: Material varies in size greatly but can be as long a 20ft or as short as 8ft with a cross section of 4”x4”< 16”x16”. Weight varies per stack but always under 1.5 ton