2 Sets Automatic Rail Guided Vehicle RGV

January 2, 2024

Our customized 2 sets automated RGV cars are used to dock and transfer work pieces in different furnace bodies.


Its main functions include automatic control, cross rail change, lifting, etc. The specific working principle is that the RGV car adopts automatic PLC control, and adopts two-speed (low speed, high speed) control. The positioning of RGV is more accurate and saves power. Manual and automatic control of the RGV through the central control system. In manual mode, the RGV can be manually controlled through the reserved on-board control lever or remote control.


(The control signals are forward, backward, hydraulic rise, hydraulic fall, rail change, etc.) The control signals are controlled by the point mode. In automatic mode, the call is made through the call system of each station, the call signal receives the call command through the wireless transmission system, and then the central control sends the command to the RGV in the waiting area, and the RGV automatically determines the station being called and automatically goes to the called station.


Automatic Rail Guided Vehicle RGVAutomatic Rail Guided Vehicle RGV