How to ensure safe driving of electric flat transfer cart in rainy season?

October 30, 2021

Driving electric transfer cart in severe weather conditions such as heavy rain and strong winds must pay attention to driving safety, with special attention to the following points:


1. Check the condition of the electric flat cart. Before driving the electric flat cart, carefully check the condition of the vehicle, especially the lighting, steering and braking systems.


2. Control the speed of the electric transfer cart. In bad weather conditions, driving an electric flat cart must safely drive at low speeds, avoid emergency steering systems, and avoid rapid acceleration and rapid deceleration. In the section of road that forms electric flat cart ruts, it is best to drive along the electric flat cart rut. Especially when turning and going downhill, the speed of the electric flat cart should be controlled in a state that can be safely stopped at any time.


3. Pay attention to the workers around you. Drivers must maintain a safe speed and be aware that workers may suddenly turn and suddenly slip onto the road.


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