Introduce Functions Of The Rail Guided Vehicle RGV

May 3, 2023

RGV (Rail Guided vehicle) is an intelligent transportation device that is widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.



  • Intelligent function of RGV


1. RGV can be networked with the logistics management system to achieve real-time logistics information transmission and system monitoring. This enables timely feedback of data in the transportation process to help managers make timely decisions.


2. RGV also has the function of autonomous navigation, which can operate automatically according to the preset path and target location. This not only saves the trouble of manual operation, but also greatly improves the accuracy and efficiency of transportation. At the same time, RGV can also communicate with other RGVS to realize cooperative transportation and improve the overall transportation efficiency.


  • Fixed-point docking function of RGV


The fixed-point docking function of RGV means that it can accurately dock at a designated location for loading and unloading of goods. This function enables items to be processed in a specific location, improving the efficiency and precision of logistics transportation. The key to the realization of fixed-point docking function lies in the positioning and control system of RGV.


The positioning system of the RGV can be precisely positioned by laser or other positioning technology to ensure that the RGV can dock at the specified location. The positioning system is usually combined with the navigation system, enabling RGV to achieve accurate transportation and fixed-point docking on track at the same time. The control system is responsible for controlling the movement and docking of RGV to ensure the accuracy and reliability of operation.


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