Introduction To Self Propelled Scissor Lift Platform

November 1, 2023

Self-propelled lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and loading machinery equipment. Lifting height from 1 to 20 meters, can be customized according to personal requirements of special specifications of the platform.


The self-propelled lifting platform is generally made of high-strength alloy material with strong structure, so that the deflection and swing of the lift are minimal. With automatic walking function, optional three power control and battery control walking, can be in different working states, without external power supply, handle control walking, speed adjustable, flexible movement, easy operation, lifting freely, only one person can complete forward, backward, steering, fast, slow walking and other actions, labor saving.


Especially suitable for stations, docks, airports, power plants, stadiums, large enterprises and other large range of aerial work, in the country is the most ideal aerial work equipment.


self propelled scissor lift platform