What are the driving devices of electric rail flat cart?

December 17, 2023

The driving system is one of the most important systems of electric transfer cart. The running performance of electric rail flat cart is mainly determined by the drive system. We introduce the main components of the drive system-the motor, reducer, drive wheel and transmission mechanism.


1. Motor

Dc traction motor, protection grade :IP44, compact structure, strong overload capacity, long service life. Excellent load characteristics, good low speed performance, large starting torque, small starting current, to meet the needs of rail truck frequent starting, save energy. The motor can operate efficiently in the entire speed range, and the motor uses imported oil-bearing high-speed bearings, which are maintenance-free, high reliability and long life.


2. Reducer

With hard face gear, high mechanical transmission efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, easy installation and maintenance.


3. Drive wheel

The driving wheel design is mature, using ZG55 cast steel material, the whole quenching, with wear resistance, oil resistance, anti-slip and other properties.


4. Brake system

With electromagnetic braking, the rail carrier will stop immediately in an emergency by the operator using the stop button and the emergency brake button of the pendant switch.


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