Technical characteristics of RGV automatic handling system

May 23, 2024

The RGV intelligent vehicle realizes automated transportation according to the starting point and destination of the goods. It can automatically avoid obstacles and drive to the destination to realize automated material transportation. The level of automation is high, and its driving path can be flexibly changed according to changes in storage space requirements, production process, etc.

Technical features of the RGV automatic handling system:

  • RGV has high workstation identification capabilities and high positioning accuracy, and has the ability to coordinate with various processing equipment. With the support of the communication system and the scheduling of the management system, flexible control of logistics can be achieved.
  • The loading platform of the RGV guided vehicle can adopt different installation structures and loading and unloading methods to meet the needs of different product transportation. Therefore, the logistics system has strong adaptability.
  • lRGV can be equipped with a variety of sound and light alarm systems, and can automatically stop before colliding with obstacles through the vehicle-mounted obstacle detection system. When they drive in a queue or cross-operate in a certain area, they have the ability to self-control to avoid collisions with each other, and there is no human error. Therefore, AGVS is safer than other material handling systems.
  • lThe RGV automatic handling system systemizes logistics handling and can be connected with production management to optimize logistics handling efficiency.

The RGV vehicle can be fully automated without manual intervention, reducing manual labor intensity, improving logistics efficiency, and quickly and flexibly adapting to different complex scenarios to efficiently complete automatic logistics transportation work.

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