AGV automatic guided trucks have many advantages

May 17, 2024

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) is an automatic guided vehicle, also called an unmanned transport vehicle, an automatic trolley, and a transport robot. Refers to a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical, radar laser and other automatic guidance devices, which can travel along the prescribed guidance path and has safety protection and various transfer functions.

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The AGV automated vehicle adopts wireless remote control control and can move in all directions. It can be used for heavy loads, precision assembly, transfer and other links. It does not have high requirements on the ground and will not damage the ground. The control side is convenient and simple, and has the ability to be expanded at fixed points. When used in conjunction with other assembly equipment, it can achieve obstacle avoidance and alarm functions to ensure safe production. It can replace the traditional manual handling work method. It can not only greatly improve the working conditions and environment, improve the level of automated production, but also effectively liberate labor productivity, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce staffing, optimize the production structure, and save manpower, material and financial resources.

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AGV handling robots have low requirements for the use environment and can be used in factories, roads and other conditions. Maintenance is convenient and fast, the overall cost of use is low, and only charging costs are required. Customized in most specific cases, tailoring products to customer needs. For example, if a factory needs to be raised or turned over, or various things need to be installed, it conforms to the laws of physics and can generally be achieved.