The origin and significance of May Day Labor Day

April 26, 2024

May is about to enter, and there is also a very important holiday in May, which is Labor Day. Let me introduce its origin and significance to you.


Origin: May Day originated from the workers' strike movement in Chicago, United States in 1886. On May 1, 1886, an eight-hour strike movement broke out in Chicago, United States, and ended in workers' victory, declaring the victory of the proletarian working people. Securing rights for oneself. Later, in 1889, Engels proposed that May 1, when American workers strike, be designated as Labor Day to celebrate the victory of the proletariat. After the founding of New China, the Government Affairs Council of the Central People's Government designated May 1 as the legal Labor Day in December 1949.


Meaning: To commemorate the working people’s struggle for legitimate rights and interests. The establishment of May Day is to commemorate the working people's struggle to win their legitimate rights and interests, which reflects the historic progress of human civilization and democracy.

Reflects the development of human civilization. The establishment of Labor Day is a major step in the progress of civilization. When people begin to respect the rights and interests of working people, it is a leap forward in human civilization.


Revere labor and establish a correct view of labor. May Day also educates children and teenagers to cherish the fruits of their own and others' labor, exercise their labor ability, and establish a correct outlook on labor.

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