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June 27, 2024

In modern logistics and transportation, rail electric transfer carts, as an important auxiliary equipment, play an indispensable role. With its high efficiency and reliability, it is widely used in various fields.


Rail electric transfer carts use maintenance-free batteries, which have a longer service life and higher charging and discharging efficiency, and can effectively reduce maintenance costs and the trouble of frequent battery replacement. Not only that, maintenance-free batteries also have higher safety performance, which can avoid accidents caused by improper battery maintenance. This provides more protection for the use of rail electric transfer carts.

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In terms of driving mode, rail electric transfer carts use DC motors, which have the characteristics of large starting torque and fast response speed. Whether in the process of starting, accelerating or braking, DC motors can respond quickly and provide sufficient power to ensure the operating efficiency and stability of the transfer cart. Compared with traditional AC motors, DC motors have higher efficiency and lower energy consumption, which can save a lot of energy expenses for enterprises.


In addition, rail electric transfer carts also have good maneuverability. It can turn freely in a small space and flexibly cope with various complex warehouse environments. Whether it is straight driving, curved driving or turning driving, rail electric transfer carts can easily do it. In logistics operations, the mobility of rail electric transfer carts can greatly improve work efficiency, shorten the time of material transportation, and achieve faster and more efficient logistics operations.


This rail cart is customized according to the actual working conditions required by customers, and this rail cart is customized according to the specific working path.

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