Does the cable of the rail electric flat cart need to be changed often?

July 8, 2022

Electric flatbed cart is a tool in the transportation industry, commonly found in factories and large warehouses. Of course, the rail electric flat cart is a rail type transport vehicle, which needs to lay tracks on the ground and run automatically under the drive of the motor reducer.


The electric flat cart generally uses 380V AC power supply, which is transmitted to the motor of the electric flat cart through the cable, and makes the flat cart run through the main transmission system. Because the cable often friction with the ground, scratch, so there will be damage resulting in leakage phenomenon.


Therefore, the safety technology of electric flat cart transmission line is also paid much attention. Due to the friction between the cable and the ground, the rolling of the vehicle and the trampling of the staff, the cable is often damaged and broken, which threatens the safety of the staff and the normal progress of production. In order to ensure safety, the electric flat cart cable needs to be replaced frequently.


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