Why is there slag inclusion in electric transfer cart welds?

October 31, 2019

Electric transfer cart is an important means of transport, when it is working, the customer finds that there is slag in the weld, it will feel that the car has a problem, do not worry, today we will give you a detailed introduction.


The cart uses the remote control operation, the switch of the remote control is switched on the control power, the button on the remote control determines the running direction of the cart, the contactor is powered on and closed, the motor starts to rotate, the rotation increases, the motor speed increases; Rotate the speed control handle counterclockwise, the motor speed decreases, and when the rotation reaches the end, the main contactor is cut off and released, the motor stops rotating, and the cart stops working.


In simple terms, slag inclusion is the fine slag remaining in the weld metal, because some non-metallic inclusions in the weld pool in the process of welding metallurgy have no time to come out during the crystallization process and remain in the weld.


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